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Protection Devices

Importance Of Electrical Safety Equipment

There is no doubt about the fact that electricity is an extremely powerful source of energy which is used for powering machinery, lighting items, tools, devices and other products used by us in our day to day lives. However, the same electricity can also be a huge health hazard which causes serious injuries and deaths.

How Do you Choose The Best Electrical Equipment?

Research has shown that each year hundreds of South Africans are injured or killed in accidents that involve faulty electrical equipment. The causes of these accidents range from fires caused by electrical faults to accidents that involve direct contact with live wires. Careful scrutiny will reveal that most homes and workplaces are fitted with low quality electrical items and accessories that fail after a short period of time, resulting in these accidents.

What You Should Know About the Various Types of Wires

Generally, a thin metal used to connect electrical components is called a wire. These wires are used to transfer electricity from a source to another device. These wires are important for letting electric current flow to electric home appliances. The wiring process is not easy; to be safe, you need a professional electrician to do. However, minor electrical circuits can be done by an experienced person in the wiring process. Here is some information about electrical wires.

Electrical Components South Africa: Things to Know

Electrical components form a vast category and there are many sub-categories under this. Electrical and electronic components and parts are needed for various purposes for many different industries. There are accordingly many different electrical components South Africa companies who manufacture and specialize in different manners of electrical parts for industrial, power supply, instrumentation, medical, telecom, commercial, machinery control, appliances, military and aerospace solutions. These parts are available both in standard and customised forms.

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Protection Devices

We supply protection devices, which protect electrical power systems from faults. Our devices are designed to isolate faulted parts of the system from the rest of the electrical network to prevent the rest of the system from getting affected. 

Communication Products

We provide sophisticated, quality communication products to assist energy providers and utilities address energy issues. Our cutting edge solutions improve asset management, metre security, energy efficiency and more.

Fault Path Indicators  

Our Fault Path Indicators provide transient data to indicate areas of the network that are ill-performing so that utility can plan maintenance to reduce future interruptions.

Voltage Regulators  

Voltage Regulators  

We provide Toshiba Regulators which are used in distribution lines and replace three-phase regulators. These regulators are used to maintain and regulate the load voltage in long lines, strategic points or substations.