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Electronic Components in South Africa : Important Facts

The term electronic components refers to a large variety of electronic parts and productsthat include batteries, electromechanical products, computer products, semiconductors and ICs, fans and cooling, interconnects, security products, LCD products, robotics, and many more. Basically, an electronic component is any part or device in an electronic unit which works by affecting the field of electrons. Electronic components are manufactured for many different industrial, commercial electronic or digital products.

These components are generally classified under three categories– active components, passive components and electromechanical components. The active components are so called because they help to source energy such as a battery, whereas the passive components cannot source the energy themselves but work as auxiliary units helping in energy supply. Electromechanical components use electrical connections to perform electrical operations.

These components are manufactured by many different companies. One must ensure before purchasing that the company he is buying from enjoys a good reputation in the manufacture of the electronic component in question. These components can be bought from brick and mortar stores or at online stores. Most reputed companies have their own online stores where you can go and buy the products. However, in case of online purchase, you also have the choice to buy from the different distributors of these components. These distributors will store components from different South African companies as well as imported components. The advantage with buying from distributors is that you get to compare the prices of a component, made by a specific company, from different distributors. The distributors will also often offer attractive discounts on certain components. So, you may want to shop around a bit to get the best prices on the required products.

One must also remember to check before buying a component that it observes the regulations and guidelines set by the South African government and worldwide safety agencies. These components, if used in an unsafe manner, may lead to big accidents like fire and other hazards. Safe and responsible use of the components is therefore deemed highly important. So, check beforehand what are the regulations set for a specific type of component and if the product maintains these regulations.

There are various sub categories under electronic components such as automation & control products, connectors, circuit protection, motors, fans & thermal management, chemical & adhesives, ESD & prototyping, power products, pneumatics, optoelectronics & lighting, sensors, relays & switches, semiconductors, etc. The products under automation & control include disconnect switches, controllers, panel meters, interface products, warning devices/indicator, solenoids, etc. Battery and battery accessories are also very important components. Major products in lighting & optoelectronics are fibre optic products, displays, bulbs, panel mount and indicators, detectors and emitters, laser diodes, lenses, lamps, LED bulbs, etc. ESD & prototyping components include production aids, PCB, ESD products, development tools and kits, tape dispensers, storage products, solder and more. Chemicals & adhesive include products such as swabs, chemicals, chemical accessories etc. Although products like these chemicals are not, strictly speaking, electronic parts or components, they are generally included in this category because of their usefulness in the operation of the units or the systems.

Then there are passive components which include capacitors, capacitor hardware and accessories, resistor hardware, joysticks, inductors, thermistors, resistors, variable resistors, variable capacitors etc. Major products in the pneumatics category are actuators and accessories, fittings, logic elements, instrumentation, silencers/mufflers, ionizers and controls, air prep, vacuum, multi-line connectors, speed controls/flow controls, fitting accessories and more. There are also power products which include inverter/solar charger, power supply power strips, solar power combiner, power transfer switches, transformers and transformer accessories, UPS accessories, power entry modules or PEMs, etc.

Computer and peripherals, cellphone accessories, robotics products– these are also important electronic components. Semiconductor components include sensors and diodes, transistors, discrete devices, silicon controlled rectifiers, resonators/ crystals/oscillators, mounting hardware, integrated circuits, etc. Test & measurement components are another important category. The major products under this category are calibrators, analyzers, extender cards, signal generators, oscilloscopes, counters, electronic load, decade box, meters and combination kits, inspection accessories, testers, cable assemblies, thermometers, etc. Any reputed online distributor in South Africa will offer all or most of these products for purchase. Most such distributors also work on a nationwide basis. So, no matter where you are living in the country, you can order the components from the online stores of these distributors. However, you may also choose to buy some of these products from your local electronic products store. If you feel you will like to test the product before purchase, a physical store is the best option.


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Protection Devices

We supply protection devices, which protect electrical power systems from faults. Our devices are designed to isolate faulted parts of the system from the rest of the electrical network to prevent the rest of the system from getting affected. 

Communication Products

We provide sophisticated, quality communication products to assist energy providers and utilities address energy issues. Our cutting edge solutions improve asset management, metre security, energy efficiency and more.

Fault Path Indicators  

Our Fault Path Indicators provide transient data to indicate areas of the network that are ill-performing so that utility can plan maintenance to reduce future interruptions.

Voltage Regulators  

Voltage Regulators  

We provide Toshiba Regulators which are used in distribution lines and replace three-phase regulators. These regulators are used to maintain and regulate the load voltage in long lines, strategic points or substations.