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Importance Of Electrical Safety Equipment

There is no doubt about the fact that electricity is an extremely powerful source of energy which is used for powering machinery, lighting items, tools, devices and other products used by us in our day to day lives. However, the same electricity can also be a huge health hazard which causes serious injuries and deaths. This is why people who work in the electrical industry ought to develop electrical safety standards and use electrical safety equipment in order to safeguard themselves from potential hazards when they are dealing with electricity through the installation, operation or maintenance of electric currents.

Electrical safety at home or at work is something that is of immense importance in order to prevent disasters and mishaps. If you know that you are going to be dealing with electricity then it makes sense for you to wear some electrical safety equipment in order to protect yourself from electric shocks, which can be quite deadly! These protective items are particularly useful for those who are in the commercial or industrial construction and maintenance industry. If you were to take a look at the electrical safety gears in the past and the ones available in the market today then you will notice that these have certainly come a long way and gone through a tremendous evolution!

Electricity works only when there is a complete circuit comprising of a load (a device which consumes electricity), a ground and a conductor. The electric current flows through the conductor at first, then to the load and finally to the ground in order to complete the circuit. Electrical energy can turn fatal when an individual becomes a part of that circuit, this will cause the individual to experience electric shock. Even a small amount of electrical energy, i.e. 50 milliamperes of it can result in death of a person.

Owners of electrical companies should maintain electrical safety practices at work in order to protect the workers from getting injured or receiving electric shocks. While it will definitely cost you money to purchase electrical safety equipment, but this would be money well spent or invested. Besides, from a practical point of view, this money is very less in comparison to what you will have to spend should your workers or employees slap a lawsuit on your company for unsafe working environment!

If you have any equipment or product which deals with live electricity then you should get the same inspected by professionals. At times just knowing about the potential hazards isn’t enough, you also need to pick up some electrical safety equipment like arc flash clothing, electrical gloves, electrical shoes or boots, electrical face shield and helmet, insulating blankets, insulated hand tools and so on.

One should use insulated tools when working with energized live conductors. In fact these tools should be used even if one is not directly dealing with such conductors but is present near such conductors. As for electrical protective equipment, these should be used generously and they should be inspected from time to time in order to detect damages like punctures, holes, cuts, tears and embedded foreign objects. If found to be defective or worn out, then they should be replaced in order to provide maximum protection against electricity.

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Protection Devices

We supply protection devices, which protect electrical power systems from faults. Our devices are designed to isolate faulted parts of the system from the rest of the electrical network to prevent the rest of the system from getting affected. 

Communication Products

We provide sophisticated, quality communication products to assist energy providers and utilities address energy issues. Our cutting edge solutions improve asset management, metre security, energy efficiency and more.

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Our Fault Path Indicators provide transient data to indicate areas of the network that are ill-performing so that utility can plan maintenance to reduce future interruptions.

Voltage Regulators  

Voltage Regulators  

We provide Toshiba Regulators which are used in distribution lines and replace three-phase regulators. These regulators are used to maintain and regulate the load voltage in long lines, strategic points or substations.