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Electrical Components South Africa: Things to Know

Electrical components form a vast category and there are many sub-categories under this. Electrical and electronic components and parts are needed for various purposes for many different industries. There are accordingly many different electrical components South Africa companies who manufacture and specialize in different manners of electrical parts for industrial, power supply, instrumentation, medical, telecom, commercial, machinery control, appliances, military and aerospace solutions. These parts are available both in standard and customised forms. Many industrial units use unique kinds of machineries for production and manufacture. Parts for these machineries, accordingly, need to be fashioned in a customised manner.

For example, there are companies who specialize in manufacturing custom and standard terminal blocks, relay sockets, RFI filters, PC-board terminal blocks, DIN rail blocks, etc. These electrical components South Africa companies will provide both standard and customised solutions to machinery requirements of different industries. In case of custom solutions, the engineers from the company will visit the industrial unit and check the machinery and will then design a prototype to ensure the quality and effectivity of the product. Only if the prototype passes the test and satisfies the customer, the requisite number of components for the project is manufactured.

As is mentioned, there are various subcategories under the figurehead category of electrical components. These include electronic component distributors, electrical connectors, capacitors, electromagnetic components, semiconductor devices, light fixtures, lamps, electrical wiring, electric power-system components, power cables, transducers, switches, etc. Below are short descriptions of some of the major sub-categories.

Electrical connectors

Electrical connectors include electrical power connectors and electrical signal connectors. Some of the major components under this category are circular connector, JST connector, screw Terminal, Q-connector, Amphenol connector, Fischer connectors, Molex connector, game port, GU24 connector, crimp connection, lustre Terminal, Blind mate connector, push-pull connector, pin header, Edison crew, edge connector, and many more. These components are manufactured by many reputed electrical components manufacture companies in South Africa. However, no matter whether you want these products for home, commercial, or industrial use, make sure that you only buy the quality products and from reputed manufacturers.

Electromagnetic components

There are three main sub-categories under this heading– electromagnetic coils, antennas, and electrical transformers. Some of the major components under this category include armature, induction loop, line reactor, inductor, electromagnetic lineal reactors, electric motor, railgun, metglas, transductor, saturable reactor, induction cooker, ferrite core, etc.

Electric power-system components

This category has as many as 7 different sub categories. These are electrical generators, electrical transformers, dielectric gases, electrical device control software, liquid dielectrics, uninterruptible power supply, and electrical power connectors. As you can see, some of these sub categories already feature as sub categories of other component headings. The major components in this category include arcing horns, server technology, rotary converter, busbar, braking chopper, grid-tie inverter, cascade converter, power inverter, thyristor, mains distribution unit, dynamometer, transportation tower, thermal cutoff, etc. Many of these components are expensive ones. So, if you are looking to buy them from an electrical component South Africa company, you must check on factors like warranty, etc., so that the purchase does not turn into a bad investment.

Light fixture

Light fixture refers to devices or components which help to hold a lamp or a light bulb. There are two sub categories here– stage lighting equipments and lighthouse fixtures. Light fixture equipments include components for lava lamp, street light, chandelier, tiffany lamp, torchiere, coral light, Gooseneck lamp, work light and many other kinds of light bulbs and lamps.

While making purchases of electrical components, one must also make sure that the products they are buying maintain the safety regulations and observe the other guidelines as laid down by the South African government. In fact, governments in many major industrial countries have set guidelines in place for electrical and electronic components. These guidelines include safety regulations, noise emission regulations, etc. and all products made and used in the country must observe these regulations. So, if it is found that an industrial unit was using components that do not meet these regulations, both the manufacture of the components as well as the owners of the industrial unit will be held liable. The same is applicable for home and commercial appliances. Therefore, it is highly important that you ensure that the products you buy meet these standards. Moreover, in addition to governmental guidelines, different safety agencies worldwide have established regulations which apply to users of electrical and digital components in all countries of the world. Some of these components which have been regulated by the safety agencies include CSA, SEV, UL, and VDE.
Another thing to keep in mind is that unlike electronic component, electrical component is not a technical term as such. It is an abstracted term used to mean many different types of electronic, mechanical, and digital equipments, some of which have been mentioned earlier in this article. On the other hand, electronic component means any part of an electronic unit or system which is used to affect the fields of electrons. Many of the electronic components are loosely classified as electrical components or elements. The electronic components are classified into two basic categories. These are active components and passive components. The major categories under active components include diodes, optoelectronic devices, integrated circuits, transistors, vacuum tubes, display technologies, etc. Passive components, on the other hand, include capacitors, transducers, antennas, resistors, assemblies, magnetic devices, and such.

There are many different electrical components South Africa companies who specialize in manufacturing different manner of electrical and electronic parts/components/devices. There are companies who specialize in the manufacture of batteries, connectors, semiconductors, PCB prototyping, display technologies, etc. Still other companies may have expertise in manufacturing of automation and cable products such as circuit breakers, sockets, and fuses, or control gear and automation, switching, relays, and lighting, etc. Other companies will deliver computer and IT peripherals and safety equipments for computer systems, office supplies, etc. The buyer will have many choices when it comes to choosing among the companies. Just do your bit of research to know which South African companies excel in the manufacture of what kind of products and you will be assured of a safe and good investment.

Electronic Components

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Protection Devices

We supply protection devices, which protect electrical power systems from faults. Our devices are designed to isolate faulted parts of the system from the rest of the electrical network to prevent the rest of the system from getting affected. 

Communication Products

We provide sophisticated, quality communication products to assist energy providers and utilities address energy issues. Our cutting edge solutions improve asset management, metre security, energy efficiency and more.

Fault Path Indicators  

Our Fault Path Indicators provide transient data to indicate areas of the network that are ill-performing so that utility can plan maintenance to reduce future interruptions.

Voltage Regulators  

Voltage Regulators  

We provide Toshiba Regulators which are used in distribution lines and replace three-phase regulators. These regulators are used to maintain and regulate the load voltage in long lines, strategic points or substations.